Monday, April 25, 2011

1 Day Trip @ Singapore on 25-04-2011

How was the video? It is capture on Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Woke up 5.30a.m. in the morning. Quite suffering - lack of sleep! While on the way to Johor Bahru, it is suffering =.= 3 hours plus seating inside the car. So, i decided to snap some photo. Btw, it's just some no quality photo which is snap by me. =)

First time pump petrol from ExonMobil. Huge dissapointment from my dad, lousy and outdated pump. Only manage to pump RM 6.35 worth of petrol. Reswipe the card again also could not pump the petrol.

Some kampung road which is locared beside the highway.

Nature of the cloud

It's 10a.m. and i'm finally reach Johor Bahru. First stop, breakfast. As usual, went to this stall to eat mihun with some fish balls - RM 4.00 per bowl.

10.45a.m., crossing the bridge from JB to Woodlands. The weather was nice.

While corssing the bridge, my sis told me some lousy joke, she said :" This is Singapore skies". =____=" May i ask is there any DIFFERENCE? Both are still skies.

Phone network are being change to SingTel, Singapore largest mobile service provider.

STARHUB - yet another service provider from Singapore.

Quite a nice website is it? Here is the LINK.

Compare to Malaysia, Singapore flat are colorful. Unlike Malaysia, those flats are "black". Singapore goverment will paint the building every few years. Ours? Maybe every decade.

Snap king is here. Always snap, snap and snap... Non stop snap! Inside the lift also wanna snap.. =__+

We park our car at Sim Lim Tower because the parking fees is cheaper - $ 2.50 per day =) As usual, went to Sim Lim Square for our first stop. All electronics stuff are available there, same as LOW YAT, KL.

 Went to OG to have ice-creams. =] Old habits, can't miss it every time visit Singapore.

iPhone 4 that are sold at Singapore is damn cheaper than Malaysia. Sad...

Trunk are being saw by workers.


My dessert? Ah Pam Balik. 

Mua Chi

A walk from Sim Lim Square to Bugis takes only 15 minutes. We walked to Bugus Juntion to shopping!!

Heard about JCO Coffee and JCO Donut? It is also available in Malaysia. Did not try before, will try it later.

It's dessert time without having our lunch from Kedai KueKue. Bought 3 pc of agar-agar which cost about $ 3.00. Damn expensive but nice to eat.*Nice to see, nice to eat, once order consider sold!*

Being curi snap by my sis again. Hate it, LOL!

You know what is this? It's a dustbin from Bugis, Singapore. =_______=

Look like a Twins photo or couple photo?

Planned to eat this Japanese Restaurant as lunch, but being disqualified by us.

Another shopping complex just across Bugis.

While on the way to Funan Digital Life Mall, we passed by Singapore National Library.

*Danger, Overhead Cleaning in Progress by Vanzy - the window and floor cleaner.*

Raffless City, which is also called as City Hall.

Opposite Raffles City, there is a beautiful church - C.H.I.J.M.E.S.

Have you seen a shit cake?

Old Chang Kee - Squid $ 1.70 each

Finally, we decided to eat our lunch at Food Court - The Food Place.

Japanese Cuisine is my choice for my lunch.

Ordered set No.15. It consist of unagi, chicken, soup and rice. FOr my sis, she ordered set No.11.

Mineral water from Malaysia - Bekalan air Syabas.. XD

Dessert time again. =) Hong Kong style dessert. It is nice but do you know how much it cost? I order Eggette with cheese + Drink = $9.00

Eggette with Cheese

Mango Sago Savvy

My sis order Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶)

Another photo capture by my sis again.

Recycle dustbin. Innovative and creative.

Next stop, Marina Bay Sands. It is build by an American Company - Sands. It is a Casino with shopping complex and hotel rooms for guest. By MRT, it only takes 5-10 minutes to reach Marina Bay.

Funniest Corporation at Singapore. TaiSei Corporation. +___+

Marina Bay Sands.

My sis act cool~

My dad.


The building is so luxurious. All branded item can be found here. It looks so nice~

There are some water splashing performance? Don't know called what. But it's nice..

Wishing hole? Wishing well? Haha...

Gold statue human... It is REAL!! Totally real... Nice work!

Casino... One of a place for you to legally earn quick money and also go bankruptcy.. I'm the only one waiting at outside.. I'm underage to go in to casino... Pity me. Nvm, I go around the mall to snap picture.

I heard the contestant get reward of $10 000.00 for just answering some question.

A lot of people are queeing at the atm machine. Why? Because the casino is just beside the atm machine. So convenience is it?

Taxi is our choice of transport. =)

Outdoor of the Casino. Purple.

Eye on Singapore. Dunno what is the name.

Singapore taxi do accept credit card.


Went back to Bugis to buy some supper for my dad. He said he need to eat something to avoid sleepy while driving. =__=

Singapore Pollice Car.

Good... I love this so much..

Will this baby suffocate?

Snap, snap snap

Big panda

Big panda wanna big turtle for her ride.. =)

Reach home around 2 a.m. I enjoyed a lot this one day trip to Singapore.